Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Imagine that there is a small leak in your roof that you left unrepaired because the leakage was minimal; then, one normal day, you enter that room, and you realize that drop by drop, the fissure ended up enlarging, and now it needs a major repair. The same thing happens with sewer lines. 

Sometimes it’s possible to fix minor issues right away, but there are inconveniences you can’t dismiss. Are you experiencing troubles with your plumbing system and considering contacting a company for sewer line repair and replacement? In that case, we can take care of your case.

At Fusion Plumbing & Air, we specialize in sewer line repair and replacement services in Tucson. We can offer you different options for repair and replacement at affordable prices. 


Reasons Why Sewer Line Repair and Replacement May Happen

As experts on the topic, we suggest looking for a professional to evaluate properly if your system needs a line and replacement service, but here are some common reasons it may happen:  

  • Tree roots

One of the typical causes of sewer line damage is tree roots. If there’s a small leak in the pipe, naturally, tree roots will search for it because they need water sources while growing. They wrap around the pipe, weakening it and finally damaging it. If this is happening to your system, we have a solution. 

Fusion Plumbing & Air offers hydro-jetting for root intrusion once we made the proper inspection.

  • Corroded pipes

Corroded pipes appear throughout the year; even when some pipe materials are made to prevent rusting, minerals like calcium and magnesium can lead to corrosion. If it isn’t treated correctly, you may face a sewer line replacement at any given moment.

  • Harsh Temperatures

It could be hot or cold, frozen pipes can explode, and extreme heat can burst them. If this happens to you, contact a professional immediately. 

  • Long term issues

Have you been facing plumbing issues constantly for months or even years? That’s not normal, and it’s a clear sign there has been enough damage in your pipes to consider replacing them. Always contact a specialist to decide if they’re still repairable. 

Our Solution

You may be experiencing any or some of the issues listed above, but we got you. 

Fusion Plumbing & Air will inspect your lines with a sewer camera to recognize the issue, excavate the damaged section and replace it if needed with brand new ABS pipe and more. All you have to do is let us handle it.

Best Plumbers of Tucson 

Do you think your sewer lines need repair or replacement? The Fusion Plumbing and Air team of experts is fully trained and licensed to meet your needs the best way possible. We care about our Tucson clients and believe in long-term solutions. Take the next step now. 







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