Sewer Camera Inspection

Knowing how the internal process of a sewage system works is not something we wake up just knowing. It is difficult to know for sure what’s happening inside without the proper equipment; how could you with all of those pipes buried underground? Luckily, a sewer camera inspection process exists to make it easier. 

At Fusion Plumbing & Air, we offer you Tucson’s state-of-the-art sewer camera inspection services, with up-to-date and sophisticated technology to see what’s happening to your sewer line in real-time.   


When to Consider Sewer Camera Inspection

There are multiple occasions when you can use this kind of service. These are the following: 

While having sewer backup issues 

You shouldn’t put aside a sewer camera inspection when your plumbing system is not performing at its best. Minor issues can turn into big and expensive ones in just a matter of time.

If your toilet isn’t correctly flushing, it is a sign that more than one drain is clogged, or if there’s a weird smell coming from the drains: Fusion Plumbing & Air technicians are ready and capable of assisting you. 

If your house is over 20 years old

If you’re a homeowner living in an old house, you’d want to have a sewer camera inspection. Why? Over time your sewage system deteriorates; you can take this as a preventative measure before encountering irreparable damage.

If you are purchasing a new property

It is pretty common to get access to visible plumbing issues in a home inspection while considering buying a new property. With camera inspection services, you get a deep understanding of the actual state of the house’s plumbing system condition; detecting early issues can save you from making a wrong decision. 

How Our Sewer Inspection Camera Works 

Fusion Plumbing & Air operates in the Tucson area and offers different plumbing services to complement each other. 

Our process for sewer inspection camera services is: 

  • Trace out the line 
  • Locate depth and precise location of any issue
  • We take care of them

Complimentary Services 

  • Drain cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Sewer line repair and replacement
  • Residential Plumbing

Get in Touch With Plumbing Experts

At Fusion Plumbing & Air, we aim to provide the best services and attention to our clients; we guarantee quality results with over ten years of experience. 

We want to make sure your future is headaches-free from not knowing the condition of your plumbing system. What are you waiting for?







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